Oil and Gas

For the oil and gas industry, WMC's test facility has dedicated setups for testing tubes and pipes. Download the brochure for test options for the oil and gas industry at WMC.

The following standard tests can be performed, for other tests please contact WMC:

- Bending fatigue test:
  • cyclic load, full load reversal (R=-1) possible
  • combined bending/axial loading possible
  • internal pressure up to 1500 bar
  • controlled temperature -20 to 80 deg C
- Static bending endurance test:
  • static load
  • internal pressure to 1500 bar
  • controlled temperature -20 to 80 deg C
  • various load introduction options, e.g. 4 point bending test
- Combined loading axial testing:
  • load up to 3.5 MN
  • internal pressure to 1500 bar
  • controlled temperature -20 to 80 deg C
- Internal pressure fatigue testing:
  • internal pressure cycle, pressure up to 2500 bar
- Burst test:
  • Internal pressure up to 1500 bar

Data acquisition

  • Bending force
  • Displacement
  • Strain (multiple locations and directions)
  • Temperature of ambient air and test sample (multiple locations)
  • Video monitoring


Our professionals will keep you up to speed on the status of your project. For utmost consistency, we have developed standard test reports that meet all ISO/ASTM requirements. Reports can be approved by the certification institute of your choice.

Our standard reports consist of a datasheet for each batch of tests, and an overview report. A datasheet contains:

  • Test specifications
  • Summary table of results, including statistical parameters
  • Plots of all measurements
  • Pictures of the specimens before and after testing.

An overview report includes a summary of the full test programme, sensor calibration reports, material specification, etc.

For selected projects a customised report can be issued, e.g. including the relevant test method development, manufacturing processes, data analysis, etc.


As an independent laboratory, we understand the importance of confidentiality. Our processes comply with general requirements to avoid predisposition and maintain confidentiality. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is typically included in the preparation of a project.

Unrestrained bending fatigue test with internal pressure on an Airborne Oil & Gas Thermoplastic Composite Pipe


For inquiries please contact:

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