Material testing at WMC

material testing

In the materials laboratory, thousands of tests are performed each year on material coupons and small structures. This work is done for the industry as well as within fundamental research projects contracted by the European Commission or the Dutch government. WMC can perform standardised material qualification tests for material selection or design data. In addition, thanks to our long-term experience in international research activities, we are able to advise on and execute purpose-built custom test programmes, e.g. for developing and validating specialised fatigue life prediction models.

All processes are maximized for quality, efficiency, flexibility and confidentiality.

For material testing WMC has 20 testing machines available ranging from 1 N to 3.5 MN, including an axial- torsion machine. For testing there is a variety of gripping fixtures available and testing can be performed under controlled humidity and temperature ranging from -100°C to +350°C.

Download the WMC Material testing brochure (PDF).

Specimen Fabrication

Specimens can be delivered as ready-to-test by the Client or manufactured by WMC. In WMC's manufacturing laboratory, specimens can be manufactured from laminate panels delivered by the Client or the panels, tubes or subcomponents are made from fibres and resins by WMC. In that case, fibre content measurement (ISO 1172 / ASTM D2584) and glass transition temperature measurement (ISO 11357) are included.

Examples of Test Standards

Some examples of static test types for FRP are shown below. Static and fatigue tests can be carried out under any specification on request.

Material typeTest typeStandard
Laminate TensionISO 527
CompressionISO 14126 / ASTM D6641
In-plane shearISO 14129 / ASTM D5379/ ASTM 7078
Interlaminar shearISO 14130
Flexural propertiesISO 14125
Mode I / Mode IIISO 6721
Sandwich and coreTension / CompressionISO 1926 / ASTM D638 / ASTM C364 / ASTM C365
ShearISO 1922 / ASTM C273
Water absorptionISO 2896
Resins and adhesivesLap shearISO 4587 / ASTM D3163 / ASTM D3528
Gel timeISO 2535
DensityISO 1675
ShrinkageISO 3521
Tubular specimensBi-axial testingASTM D5448 / ASTM D5449


Our professionals will keep you up to speed on the status of your project. For utmost consistency, we have developed standard test reports that meet all ISO/ASTM requirements. Reports can be approved by the certification institute of your choice.

Our standard reports consist of a datasheet for each batch of tests, and an overview report. A datasheet contains:

An overview report includes a summary of the full test programme, sensor calibration reports, material specification, etc.

For selected projects a customised report can be issued, e.g. including the relevant test method development, manufacturing processes, data analysis, etc.


Currently, WMC uses witnessing procedures to deliver e.g. DNV GL or TÜV approved reports. We are in the process of obtaining ISO 17025 accreditation.


As an independent laboratory, we understand the importance of confidentiality. Our processes comply with general requirements to avoid predisposition and maintain confidentiality. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is typically included in the preparation of a project.


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