The Knowledge Centre WMC started as "WMC-Group" in the Delft University of Technology where it performed full-scale testing on rotor blades for wind turbines since 1984 as part of sections of the department of Civil Engineering. However, the test facility at Delft University of Technology became too small for the next generation of large rotor blades. In order to keep track with the market's needs the Group had to find another, larger location to continue the work.

In 2003 the Group moved from Delft to Wieringerwerf, the former "WMC-Group", consisting of 25 enthusiastic engineers, continues its work as a new foundation with a new name: Knowledge Centre WMC. Besides our activities in the design and testing market of wind turbine components, we have expanded our work to other industries like Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering and Offshore.

In 2018, WMC was acquired by General Electric and is now part of LM Wind Power.