FOCUS6 for Onshore Wind turbine design

  • Design and simulation of onshore wind turbines
  • Load set generation according to IEC 61400-1 Ed. 2 and 3, Germanischer Lloyd
  • Extreme Extrapolation according to IEC 61400-1 Ed.3
  • Visual replay of load calculations
FOCUS6 for Onshore wind turbine design requires the following FOCUS6 modules:
  • FOCUS6 Core
  • FOCUS6 Aeroelasticity II
The other FOCUS6 modules can be optionally added, see the FOCUS6 brochure (PDF).

With the Aeroelasticity II, Wind Turbine Design module the calculation of combined aerodynamic and structural dynamic behaviour of a wind turbine in the time domain is available.

The rotor aerodynamics are solved on basis of the engineering BEM theory of which the sub-models for tip-loss, tangential induction, blade-tower interaction, oblique inflow effects and rotational effects are combined on a physical basis. The build-in tower model gives a detailed and well-validated dynamic response of the tower including all mutual interactions with the turbine model up including the aerodynamics of the rotor.

A built-in PD controller is provided that includes rotor speed filtering and peakshaving strategy. In addition, dedicated controllers using the Bladed interface or the ECN Control Design Tool interface can be used (DLL).

Load cases for IEC or GL load set calculations can be generated automatically. For this purpose models are available to simulate faulted conditions and emergency situations. The results are accepted for certification by GL and DNV.

In order to reduce the total turnaround time of load set calculations, load cases can be calculated in parallel on (multiple) computers with multi-core processors.

More information

Download the FOCUS6 brochure (PDF) or contact us if you would like more information.


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