FOCUS6 Consultancy and Training Services

Although WMC does not provide direct design support, WMC can provide various services related to FOCUS6.

WMC provides the following services:
  • Create a FOCUS6 turbine, blade or support structure model based on the customer specification
  • Verification of customer FOCUS6 models
  • Integration of FOCUS6 in the customer workflow
  • Implementation of customer-specific algorithms or models into FOCUS6
  • Custom translators to import or export models to external programs
  • Conversion of DNV GL/GH Bladed models into FOCUS6 format
  • Besides standard FOCUS6 courses, WMC can provide custom trainings at an advanced level. Trainings can be provided at WMC, online and on-site.


For inquiries please contact:

Knowledge Centre WMC
Kluisgat 5
1771 MV Wieringerwerf
the Netherlands
phone +31(0)227-50 49 49