FOCUS6 Blade Testing

Using decades of experience in the execution of blade tests, we extended FOCUS6 with the Blade Testing module. It supports the execution of a blade test starting from design loads from aero-elastic simulations via preparation of the test to the final analysis.

It helps designers of a blade test choosing positions of strain gauge locations, positions of load saddles, combinations of forces on the saddles et cetera. The entire test setup is modeled easily. The gravity forces from saddle masses and the orientation of the blade in the laboratory are taken into account in a consistent way. Furthermore, strains and deflections can be calculated with respect to the pre-loaded blade, which reflects the real laboratory situation.

The module enables you to

  • Predict strains and deflections under static test load
  • Analyze a blade test afterwards, using the applied load cases provided by WMC
  • Design a static blade test starting from the load envelope

More information

Download the FOCUS6 Blade Testing brochure (PDF) and the FOCUS6 brochure (PDF) or contact us if you would like more information.


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