Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

For testing large structures and components, our strong floor is capable of taking concentrated loads up to 500 tons and is equipped with 2200 anchor points for fixation of test rigs and structures. Most of the software for the measurement and control systems is developed in-house, giving flexibility in carrying out very complex testing on all kind of structures and components.

WMC provides customer support to assist with the design of experiments to maximize the outcome of the tests.
For loading structures and components, we have at our disposal a wide variety of winches and hydraulic actuators, so that for every project the optimal solution can be achieved. In addition, two separate hydraulic systems, and a modular approach for test set-up construction, allow us to build practically any desired test set-up, suitable for any kind of structure. Besides custom test setups, standard hydraulic test machines are available with a maximum capacity of up to 3500 kN. Mechanical testing can be combined with controlled environmental conditions such as testing at low and high temperatures and testing at specified humidity conditions.

Reference projects:


Our professionals will keep you up to speed on the status of your project. For utmost consistency, we have developed standard test reports that meet all ISO/ASTM requirements. Reports can be approved by the certification institute of your choice.

Our standard reports consist of a datasheet for each batch of tests, and an overview report. A datasheet contains:


As an independent laboratory, we understand the importance of confidentiality. Our processes comply with general requirements to avoid predisposition and maintain confidentiality. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is typically included in the preparation of a project.


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